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Love rabbits Click here to read our blog is part of Love Rabbits Click Here To Read Our Blog Shopbunnies – There are many things that us humans do that rabbits hate Occasionally they do things that we dislike but perhaps we will save that for another blog post entirely Rabbits are such a big part of our lives But considering how hard it is to communicate between a human and a rabbit, we have a big task ahead of us when we need to get our points across to each other Besides most of us consider our rabbits feelings above our own Read these great tips to understand the little things that we do that really upset our bunnies Help your rabbit with grooming Bunnies are naturally good at grooming and clearing any dead fur that they have left in the spring and fall As there coat changes from thick to thin and vice versa it is always a good idea to help your rabbit remove dying or matted hair The reason for this is because if they ingest the fur that they have groomed from themselves it can cause internal damage and hairballs [FREE SHIPPING + 20% off Rabbit Brushes Today! Click here!!] Entering or disturbing their territory All rabbits should have an area where they feel completely comfortable This could be a pen in your house, a hutch, large cage or even a dog bed style area where they relax in your home You might notice as you change their bedding or move around in their territory some rabbits will get very upset This is because that area is sacred to your bunny, its their home and they like it just the way it is Obviously this isn’t convenient when cleaning out your rabbits bedding and litter trays Though great care should be taken not to disturb your bun when they are in an antisocial mood and just want to be left alone in their habitat Rabbits should never be forced into interaction its bound to put them in a bad bunny mood (Click here to see our warm rabbit bed nests) Treating them like an object Rabbits are highly intelligent and often timid animals Some have different backgrounds that has changed the way they look at us humans Young children should be introduced to rabbits in a calm manner, carefully letting the bunny sit on their laps Being super gentle with rabbits is a great approach to get them more used to human contact Don’t let your children, other animals or people frighten your rabbit as they are known to hold grudges (Click here to see our rabbit, bite, scratch and play post) Playing dressup Making your rabbit wear clothing is sometimes a bad idea too You should take extra care when dressing your rabbit in any clothing or accessories They should only be worn for a limited amount of time and you should ensure they are not shocked or upset while you are doing so Of course it is wonderful to make your bunny look like a little princess, and it’s heartwarming to see some of the pictures on Instagram and Facebook However doing this is bound to hinder your bunnies movement and make them feel restrained The right water bottle for your bunny Some rabbits do drink a surprising amount of water However this seems to be dependent on your bunny and their diet Giving them easy access to a good quality water bottle that actually works and doesn’t leak into their home is essential Click here to see it in our store We suggest buying this great water bottle with metal fittings Extra expense on a water bottle is essential as badly sealed bottles tend to grow algae and are also harder to clean Keep them happy and hydrated Loud noises Rabbits are unfortunately a prey animal in the wild, meaning that they have many predators who are constantly trying to catch them out Loud bangs, fireworks, slamming doors and shouting can all cause serious effects on your bunny You might notice your rabbit dart out of the room looking scared for no reason and hide into a corner Their hearing ability is way beyond our own so they might have heard something scary Give them time to come out of their hiding place and do not try to interact with them for a while Let them calm down and they should be okay My bunny never listens In relation to the last point, training a rabbit is much different than other pets It is much better to reward them for positive behavior than it is to discipline or shout at them for bad behavior Perhaps they miss their toilet tray, or are doing something destructive You can find ways of stopping this behavior without upsetting your bunny too much within our blog posts Provide a comfortable toilet area This is a common issue with bunnies, their owners are distraught with them and their toilet habits and its causing a strain in your bunnyfriendship No need to worry, we talk about this issue and try to help rabbit owners find new ways of toilet training their bunnies House rabbit litter trays Click here to read our post on rabbit toilet training Noticing odd bunny behavior In the wild a rabbit will hide its pain or discomfort for survival reasons This is why we need to be extra cautious as owners to spot any strange or unusual behavior You know your rabbit the best so if you see any unusual things such as your rabbit not eating, drinking, grooming or going to the toilet It is highly advised you visit a vet in your area as soon as possible as these can be signs of disease or illness Not giving them enough attention or toys to play with This is more common with outdoor rabbits as house rabbit owners will know how much rabbits can strive for your attention and company They are highly social animals and they look to us as their equals and friends Bunnies are known to often be quite independent creatures so when your rabbit is ready to play or give you affection make sure you provide some entertainment with some beautiful rabbit toys Click here or on the image to see this product in our store If you are looking for more great toys specially designed for rabbits check out our

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